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Inner & Outer Clarity

Organizing anything, whether home, mind, or body comes easier for some than others. Why is this? Inner and Outer Clarity. Inner Clarity is how we think and feel inside while Outer Clarity is how we think and feel in our external environment. When an individual has achieved Inner Clarity they can breeze through the process of organizing their home, mind, and/or body whereas a client who struggles with Inner Clarity will struggle with the process of organizing their home, mind, and/or body. 

How do we gain Inner Clarity? Sometimes it is as easy as stepping back and reflecting on where we are in the present and what we need or want moving forward. Sometimes we need more. We cannot figure it out on our own. This is when we lean into our family, friends, community, and/or spirituality. This is not easy by any means but if we cannot help ourselves is that really serving ourselves? and if we cannot serve ourselves how can we possibly show up to serve others?

I encourage you to check in with yourself today. Where do you stand with your Inner Clarity? Outer Clarity? What support do you need? What does that look like for you? You are worth more than you know. Share this post with anyone who could use support with their Inner and Outer Clarity. 


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