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Welcome to Declutter Your Home, Mind, and Body

Welcome! My name is Jessica Terenyi, Owner of JK Organizing LLC. I am a Professional Organizer and Certified Life and Health Coach. My journey into entrepreneurship started with a journey of figuring out where I wanted to be and what I ultimately wanted to be doing in life. Some of my job/career experiences included working as a nanny, a surgical assistant for a group of oral surgeons, as well as a police officer (I graduated from the Anne Arundel County Police Training Academy and decided once on the road with a Field Training Officer it was not a good fit for me).

Throughout this job/career journey, I was also on an educational journey. I have an Associate's of Science, a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice, and a Master's in Criminal Justice. Yes, I have just a few life experiences! Believe it or not, the initial idea to start my own business arose in 2010 but I did not proceed as it was not the right time, however it tugged on my heart again in January 2020.

I registered for my LLC in February 2020 and so JK Organizing LLC was born! Along my journey with my clients, I began to realize there was support needed beyond the physical clutter and so I joined the Health Coach Institute in April 2021. I certified as a Life & Health Coach in November 2021 and began offering coaching services in January 2022. 

With all that being said I help clients to declutter their homes, minds, and bodies. This blog was created to provide tips and strategies for decluttering these spaces while stepping into the greatest version of yourself so you can live your best life!

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